Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rocca Al Mare

The name sounds Italian, not Estonian, right?  I visited the Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum on Wednesday.  The name (in Italian) means "cliff beside the sea."  It was named this by the original owner of the estate when purchased in 1863, according to something I read.  It is located on the outskirts of Tallinn.  After a tram ride, I walked towards the museum and stopped for a picnic lunch at this beautiful spot on the water looking straight across at the spires of Old Town in the distance.  My picnic lunch included rhubarb yogurt - why haven't we thought of that flavor for yogurt in the States?

The Open Air Museum is similar to Old World Wisconsin with old buildings that have been brought together from many areas of the country.  It is in a beautiful, wooded setting located right on the water.  There were a variety of fences - some mossy stone, some wood.  I found this wood fence particularly intriguing.

One of my favorite architectural elements at the museum was the doors on this structure from the island of Muhu.  I love the Muhu doors!  I'll be travelling to Muhu shortly after the knitting conference.

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  1. Beautiful pics, Mar! How is everything going? Has the conference started?