Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Team That Knits Together, Stays Together

Team sports tend to bond people together.  But who knew when I participated in the Käi ja Koo (Walk & Knit contest) last year in Estonia that I would meet up with a team member again this year.
Külli (third from right in photo above) and I have stayed connected thru Facebook this past year.  Besides being one of my teammates, Külli was a vendor at the Heimtali Craft Fair last year and sells beautiful hand-knit mittens and hand-dyed yarns.  Her business is Nordic Knitters and you can find her knitwear here:
I wrote to her before craft camp to see if she might be coming to craft camp as a vendor.  However, she hadn't yet heard about it and she was not going to be in the area of Olustvere during the week of craft camp.
What a surprise then to run into her in Tallinn before craft camp even started.  She had a booth at the outdoor market in Town Hall Square during Tallinn Medieval Days where she sold her hand-knit mittens.

I purchased a beautiful pair of mittens from Külli and we chatted about craft camp.  I told her that we would have a field trip day on Wednesday of that week and that we had three options to choose from for the field trip.  I had chosen Setomaa (the Seto region).  It turns out that Külli lives in that area and is very involved with the Seto community.  She then made plans to come to the Seto Art Gallery/Handicraft Shop in Obinitsa to meet us on our field trip.  She brought her wares and the "craft campers" were happy to have a chance to buy some of her colorful yarns and bright mittens! 

So nice to see her again!  So happy to have a pair of her mittens and some yarns with which to knit Estonian-style mittens!


  1. Dear Mary!
    Thank You so much for that posting. What a wonderful meeting we had on Town Hall Square in Tallinn, wow ... and again in Obinitsa. Wear Your mittens in good health and happy journeys wherever You go. I hope to see you again next summer in an unexpected place in Estonia. Happy knitting and have a great Autumn.
    All the best,

  2. Dear Külli!
    Thank you for your enthusiasm and skills! I loved seeing you along with your colorful yarns and mittens. Happy knitting to you too!