Monday, August 11, 2014

MENTALly Preparing for Estonian Craft Camp

Estonian Craft Camp began in Tallinn as we all met and toured some fiber art exhibits and then boarded a bus that took us to Olustvere and our week's classes.

We went as a group to view the OrnaMENTAL exhibit (in Estonian, OrnaMENTAALNE) that was on display at the Tallinn Art Hall from June 28 to July 27, 2014.  The arts and crafts were displayed in unique ways and the focus of the exhibit was "ornamentation in art and the meaning of signs in crafts."

Exhibition ornaMENTAL

Many crafts were represented but my interest was especially in the knitted items.  LOVE these displays!


We also saw Exhibition THE Folk Costume at the Estonian Handicraft House Folk Art Gallery, which included 12 complete sets of folk costumes from different regions based on traditional garments.  My favorites were from Tarvastu (with Mulgi embroidery) and Muhu.  In both cases the motifs are densely crowded.  Less is not more, in this case.  More is More!

Exhibition THE Folk Costume - in Estonian

Detail of Tarvastu (Mulgi) embroidery on apron
Muhu is More!

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