Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Enough Fiber in Estonia

Did you think this would be a post about eating in Estonia?  Well, I'm a knitter, so my fiber consists of a lot of wool.

I first met "murakamari" electronically through Ravelry (it's a little like Facebook for knitters) and then met her in person one day in Tallinn near the flower sellers. 

After breakfast at Reval Cafe, she took me on a walking tour of Tallinn which, of course, included a couple of yarn shops.

Here I am with murakamari (her Ravelry name) and an anonymous knitter who is wearing a very lacy gray skirt (in front of the Liann Lõngad yarn shop).

In addition to Liann Lõngad (located in a mall near the Kaubamaja department store) and the Pronksi Lõngapood on Aia Street which murakamari showed me, Carla of The Dutch Knitters told me about Karnaluks which is an interesting, mega craftshop located on the second floor of what looks like an apartment building a little ways from the Old Town.  You have to be looking for this place to find it but when you do find it, there are boxes and stacks of craft items in room after room.  Overwhelming and chaotic!

My visit to Karnaluks was followed by a calming visit to a small, charming yarn shop, Lõng ja Lõngast (Wool and Woollen), nearby on Tartu Road.

And yes, I did manage to get enough fiber on my trip to Estonia!  Here's what came home with me:


  1. I'm on oracle now and here's my prediction: I see lot of lace in your future :)

    1. Yes, I think you're right. I just finished and blocked the Brimnes lace scarf I was knitting while in Estonia. On to the next . . .